HOW TO BE THE ONE by Roy Sheppard

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Free book offer - How to be the One
If you take up our Free book offer you will discover how in How To Be The One, Roy explores how most people mistakenly create an ideal of the perfect person in their heads — without examining whether they themselves actually possess the qualities that they are looking for. Packed with life-changing wisdom, insights and practical tips to help you become your best self, How To Be The One helps you evaluate what you bring to a relationship and better understand how to connect with your ideal partner. The book also introduces the groundbreaking concept of your Emotional Core — four key qualities that provide the emotional stability, depth, and strength to make you irresistible. Starting today.

How irresistible do you want to be?

Which of these qualities are the most appealing to you? Someone is who kind, considerate, loving, committed, honest, reliable, compassionate, happy, interesting, optimistic, GSOH, intelligent, and physically attractive?

But how many of these same qualities do you possess?

If you are single, why would  anyone choose to stop their own search once they’ve met you? Especially in today’s dating world where almost everyone is now only a date way from being the “ex” in “n-ex-t”.

Married, single or in a relationship, learn how to improve your Emotional Fitness by strengthening your Emotional Core: the four qualities that provide you with the emotional stability, depth and strength to make you as irresistible to a partner as they are to you.
Adopt and absorb life-changing wisdom, insights and practical ideas to improve your current relationship or prepare yourself for The One you have yet to meet.

  • This book is totally FREE
  • You’ll learn how to make first class choices with the people you meet; Why game playing doesn’t work and how friendship is the secret to a great relationship
  • How developing a Strong Emotional Core is so important and how to develop permanent happiness habits
  • Practical ways to boost your self esteem and ways to improve your kindness and compassion – and the risks of being ‘too kind’
  • How to improve your compatibility with others
About the author
Roy Sheppard is a relationship consultant and coach who has advised tens of thousands on a variety of relationship related topics. A former BBC reporter and journalist in the UK, Roy is a regular guest contributor on many British and American radio stations. He has also written extensively for national and regional newspapers and magazines in Great Britain. An experienced conference speaker, for many years he was a guest lecturer at one of the UK’s leading business schools, Cranfield School of Management’s full-time MBA. He is also renowned as a world class conference moderator working repeatedly for a range of global corporations. Roy has written extensively on various aspects of relationships; personal as well as business. He is the author of Meet Greet & Prosper and Rapid Result Referrals.
Roy Sheppard

“… very impressed by the amount of research. It’s a fabulous read and well thought out and structured….It certainly takes the reader on a voyage of self discovery. For me it was the personal stories I particularly enjoyed.”


“It made me think about what I want from a long-term partner and how I can be  a more considerate person to her too. All I have to do now is meet her.”


I learned loads

“I’ve read a lot of relatinship books over the years. This one is different. I learned LOADS, especially about my emotional fitness. Thank you.”