Umpire banned due to religious ancestry
With 18 years of umpiring experience, Michael Claughton was left somewhat surprised when his religious ancestry prevented him from umpiring a match between the Church of England XI and the Vatican XI.

Michael’s great-grandfather, who died over 110 tears ago, was the Bishop of Rochester and of St. Albans. This raised concerns that he may not be “theologically neutral, and therefore biased.

“I found it utterly baffling that they could not accept me, with 18 years’ experience as an umpire, because of this.”

– Michael Claughton.

Mr. Claughton has held no religious positions himself but does believe in God. As you may expect he was disappointed by the organisers’ decision as they continue to pursue somebody with theological neutrality for the position of umpire.

The twenty20 match is to raise awareness of global slavery and raise funds for Global Freedom Network. The first ball will be bowled at 4pm on September 19th at the Spitfire Ground, St. Lawrence in Canterbury.

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