What is a video profile

What is a video profile and how do I do one?

 A video profile is pretty much what it says on the tin. Rather than a written profile which introduces you to other members, a video profile does the same thing but on video.

Our video profiles are ‘detailed’ on a person’s profile – with a clickable link to enable members to watch them. If you receive profiles by post, then you’ll get a ‘private’ code to put into YouTube to see a video profile. Only members who receive your profile can access your video profile – so don’t worry that a video of you is going out across the internet. It isn’t!

We recommend a video profile to be about 3 to 5 minutes long, which is plenty of time to introduce yourself to others and say something interesting and engaging.

Video profiles are super simple to do – especially if you have a smart phone. You just set your phone up in video mode, position the phone so you are looking into the lens quite close up, click the ‘camera’ button on, get yourself into position and off you go.

We’d always recommend planning what you are going to say ‘to camera’ first – as this will make you more relaxed, and enable you to say your ‘piece’ without large gaps. Perhaps plan to cover 3 or 4 ‘topics’ – perhaps an introduction to yourself, where you’re from, where you live, what your interests are, a little bit about your faith, and the type of people you’re hoping to meet. You can be as creative with ‘your script’ as you wish – it’s your introduction and there are no set rules.

Over the years, we’ve watched so many different video profiles of members – and I have to say – all of them have been good. Even the people who felt nervous in front of a camera – come across really well – and there’s a reason for this. Film shows you more truly as you are – and it portrays you are you are – and that’s always enticing.

Video profiles are included with our Gold and Platinum memberships but are available for all members – and we’d strongly recommend doing one as we do believe it makes your profile much more ‘attractive’ and enticing. And that is what you want isn’t it?

Give us a call if you’d like to get going with this aspect of your membership. It could just lead to someone else contacting you who might not have done had they not seen on you screen.

So, if you feel you are in a barren place right now in your dating, please be encouraged by my orchid. Most importantly the Lord is your life giver, He has your future planned. It may be you need to change the conditions to enable the future to blossom as is His plan for you, and that’s certainly a conversation worth having with Him. Don’t be impatient like I am. Trust in His good, perfect timing. Do your part, let God do his.

This comes with our blessings for you.