Sue from Glasgow asks……….

I haven’t taken up my coaching call yet – what’s involved

Katharine says…….

Thanks for asking that Sue – I think lots of members are wondering the same

Our coaching calls are times for you to discuss anything in your life that might be affecting how successful you are with finding a relationship.

So we try hard not to discuss aspects of membership – for example getting your photo shoot organised or having more photos put on your profile – as these things can be discussed on our normal telephone support lines.

The calls vary in length depending on what membership level you are on – but however short or long they are – we try hard to make sure you leave the call with something of value to think about or work on. It might be clarifying a goal for you to work towards – or it might be a way of thinking that has been holding you back.

Every member has ONE of these coaching calls included with membership – and you can take up the call at any time that suits you at any point of your membership. All you have to do is complete the form (that tells us a bit about what you’d like to discuss – and includes some pointers) that you’ll find included as part of your Welcome pack. Send that back to us and you’ll then receive instructions on how to book your specific coaching call.

If you’d like to book additional calls you can do this and you can find out how to do that on our website under the tab SERVICES then MEMBERS AREA.

Most members give us good or very good feedback about these calls. They are part of your membership so please do use them.