What you think Matters

I’m slowly making my way through a book that came highly recommended from a very close friend of mine – a Christian lady who I have a lot of time and respect for. 

I was really struck by a daily reading that I read some weeks ago now – and how relevant it was for dating. The title was “Be careful how you think” and the passage was based on a reflection on Numbers 13: 1-2 and 25 – 33.

In these passages we learn that Moses had chosen 12 spies to go and explore the land that God had promised them as their new home. By all accounts these spies were highly trained soldiers (perhaps like our SAS). They went on their reconnaissance mission with a checklist of questions to answer. What were the cities like, what was the land like, what was the food like and what were the people like? In other words, ‘Would we want to live there and could we live there’. Good questions! 12 went out and 12 came back. All of them saw the same things but didn’t come back with the same answers.

All 12 agreed they wanted to live there. Controversially, 10 believed the answer to the ’could they’ part of the question was ‘no’. They didn’t think it was possible because the opposition was too great (v31). They believed they were ‘like grasshoppers’ and would never succeed. Only two, Joshua and Caleb thought differently. Yes, they were smaller and less powerful, but they saw themselves as the favoured children of a big God. So they were convinced their efforts to take the land would be successful (v30).

Who was right? They both were. Joshua and Caleb got to live in the promised land, the rest never made it. Each lot of spies experienced what they expected.
It’s very similar to what Henry Ford said: Whether you believe you can, or believe you can’t, you’re right. 

Perhaps your promised land is a loving partner to spend the rest of your life with. Whether you make it there has a lot to do with your thinking – and only a tiny bit to do with other factors. You see your thinking changes EVERYTHING.