Penny Drops

My husband and I did a couple of zoom courses whilst we were in lockdown. One was been a ‘canter’ through the Bible and the other was a philosophy course covering the great philosophers. Some of the material (particularly the Bible course) we were quite familiar with, some of the philosophy course less so. But I learnt something so interesting the other day – which in fact I had learnt before but was reminded of.

There has to be many ‘dropping of the pennies’ until something really makes sense to us.

To make this clearer, think about your own knowledge of a Bible verse – or the Bible itself. Sometimes you can be really familiar with a verse, even to the point of really ‘getting it’ and yet the penny drops at a time and in a way you really didn’t expect. I think this happens because we can know things at one level, but then come to know them at a much deeper, more personal level.

I certainly know this is the case with my riding lessons. I love my lessons and I take notes following each one – to help me bed in what I’ve learnt. I’ve been taking lessons for probably 10 years now and the other day I looked back over my notes. I was slightly horrified to read that what I am being taught now is pretty much the same as what I was being taught 10 years ago. But here’s the thing. I get ‘it’ much more now. Things that I thought made sense before now make sense in a much deeper, real way. So whether it’s to sit back, keep my leg on, or look in a certain place, it’s the same thing being said but I take it on in a completely different way and again, the penny drops! 

I have certainly found this principle true in business too. I can hear some business advice and think I’ve ‘got it’ only to find years later that I hear it again – and suddenly there’s an Aha moment – and this time I’ve really got it!  In fact for a number of years I attended business conferences where some of the material was the same. I remember asking a man who’d been attending them a lot longer than I had, why he still turned up. And his answer was exactly what I am talking about. You sometimes have to hear things many times for the penny to drop and for it to make ‘real’ sense to you.

I am sure you will have your own examples if not from areas of your life, then certainly from your reading or hearing the Bible being read. I guess that’s why some people talk of us needing constant conversion to Christ. We think we’re converted but it’s a continual process, going deeper and deeper our whole lives.

I hope you have experienced what I am talking about because it’s definitely true for dating coaching advice. Much of it is common sense. But some of it has to be heard many, many times before the penny drops and the thing makes real sense.  And for it to take root not just in your head, but in your heart and in your resulting actions.

So be open minded to all the advice you hear on dating. Don’t think you’ve heard it all before, and don’t think it’s too simple to be of any use. One day something will go in, the penny will drop, you’ll have that ‘Aha’ moment and everything might be different thereafter.