Where to meet new people at the supermarket

Earlier in the week we looked at first dates.

Unless you think a soul mate is waiting for you at the supermarket during the weekly shop, you may have to try a few of these.

Lets take a step backwards and look at ideal places to meet new people and start new friendships.

Evening Classes

There are so many different classes you can attend in after-work hours these days. Why not pick something that interested you and go along. You will all be in the same boat learning about something you enjoy, and you never know who will be there.

On a walking route

If you are walking a dog they generally introduce themselves first, which can be a great ice breaker. If not, no worries – just by walking a new route you can meet people. And as we are all creatures of habit you can be certain that if there is someone you want to introduce yourself to, they will be walking the route again in the near future.

Galleries and Museums

If the focus of the show/exhibit interests you, than you already have something in common with the other people there. You can also escape a potentially nervous introduction by starting with a question about what they think of the art/exhibit.


If you have the time, volunteer for a cause you are passionate about and you will no doubt find people equally as passionate who share your views.

That said, these things still take time and can only increase your chances, without guaranteeing anything. Friends1st if the UK’s best offline Christian dating agency and can save you time by sending you matches from our database of Christian people seeking friendship.

Find out more from our Founder and Director Katharine Gray by clicking this link https://youtu.be/-1NV6Q9YEco