Paul asks……

When I get someone’s profile and they have all three methods of contact, which one should I use first?

Sarah answers…..

Great question Paul thank you.

There are benefits to all three methods and it really depends on how you approach each one.  As always it is often not what you do that matters, but how you do it.

For example, telephoning someone is relatively quick and easy. But although you’ll be calling them at a time that suits you, you don’t know that the time will be convenient for them. You might call them when they are busy or tired at the end of a hard day. If that happens you won’t catch them at their best and they may cut the call short not giving you the best impression of them. Many people do have full and busy lives and wouldn’t want anyone who contacts them to feel rushed or rejected but that might just be the impression they give if you call them at the ‘wrong’ time.

To get round that, it is always polite to start by saying who you are (like “Hello I’m Paul a fellow friends1st member”) and asking if it is a convenient time to speak. If they say no, you can then rearrange a better time. You could also text first saying you’d like to contact them and asking when would be a good time.

Perhaps even better than that is to email or write first – introducing yourself and saying you’d like to hear back from them and would like to telephone them fairly soon – asking what is the best time of day, or time of the week to call them. Of course if you do this, then you must make sure your letter or email reads really well, is enticing and gives the other person good reason to reply.

It all just takes some thought – to ensure that you make the best first impression on someone else – and that you give them the opportunity to make the best first impression back.

I hope that helps Paul.





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