Chris from London asks…… 

When I receive profiles, some of the names have inverted commas around them. Why is this and what does it mean?

Sarah says……

As you may remember when you filled in your profile application form, you have the option to use a nickname on your profile. This is not used by most members, but occasionally members have a good reason why they want to keep their real name confidential on their own profile.

So in order for people to know that a nickname is being used, we put the nickname in inverted commas.

This should help you when you are telephoning someone who is using a nickname – as you may want to preface your conversation with “I hope I’ve got the right person – I’m ringing having received your friends1st profile – and think you are using a nick name” just in case they’ve forgotten that they are using a nick name on their profile and when you ask for them by their nickname they say someone of that name doesn’t live there.

Anyway I hope that helps explain it.