Christian women over 50 - picture of a man in his 50's

Christian women over 50

I was as amazed as the rest of the world to hear that the media had given any attention to French author Yann Moix saying he would be ‘incapable’ of loving a woman aged 50 or more…. despite being 50 himself. Yann Moix told Marie Claire magazine that he found women of that age “too old”. Oh come on, please! Is he being serious or is this rather a publicity stunt for an author who perhaps needs to promote his books.

It is not surprising that his comments about the bodies of 50 year old women being “not extraordinary at all” have sparked an angry backlash on social media. How insulting to every woman over 50. I bet he wouldn’t turn down a date with single Jennifer Anniston – though chances are  – not being a male ‘hunk’ himself, – she probably would turn down someone like him.

Sadly people like Yann Moix view others totally superficially. This isn’t solely a male trait – women do it too – but it is all part of the problem in our society today – made worse by dating apps like Tinder  – that use looks as the No.1 criteria for suitability for a date.  If you use looks as your No. 1 criteria and only choose to go out with younger (or good looking) people, then should your relationship work out, you are going to get a great shock when looks fade – as they surely do. Show me any older person that looks as fabulous as they did at 20. It just doesn’t happen. Rather base your future happiness on character – things like kindness, generosity and faithfulness – qualities that stick with someone however old they are – and as you grow older together your love won’t tarnish or fade.

I don’t hold out much hope for Yann Moix if he keeps to his current views. And I sincerely hope no younger woman falls for him – because she will soon find herself dumped I am sure as the years roll on, and a younger person becomes more attractive. Who would want a partner like that!