Your Journey

Your Journey

This feedback has really encouraged us recently and might make you think twice about your journey.

I have been a member of friendsfirst  twice. Once in 2013 and again in 2018. I have found the process challenging and distressing at times and might make you think twice about your journey.

.As individuals we all believe and are convinced we know what would best work for us in our relationships.

This past year of 2017 -2018 was filled with more challenges than I care to recall. My elderly Mum had a fall and broke her hip exactly the same date that I was having a scan for my own collapsed hip. Mum eventually went into a nursing home and I planned to visit her in November 2017 last year after my own surgery. However she died in August. I had to travel to Australia for her funeral where she lived and where I was born and educated. I also had a granddaughter born a few days after my mother’s death.

I decided to join friendsfirst, again in 2018 hoping that this time I would meet someone suitable as a companion and good friend and partner. From time to time I would phone friendsfirst with a sense of frustration and disappointment and with impatience that timing that did not seem to be working for me.

In October I moved house and had shelved the idea of meeting anyone even close to my ideas or hopes. I positively decided to let go of any ideas, expectations or even trust that there could or would be anyone out there that would be available to connect to. I decided to focus on my own work, family and projects.

The day I had arrived in my newly purchased house on October 2nd 2018, there was a pile of post. One letter had been here on the doormat for a few weeks judging by the postal date. So I opened this one first. It was a brief yet carefully written letter from a fellow subscriber to friendsfirst . I thought it was possibly too late now to make contact. However, I did text a message to this person, out of respect and politeness to say thank you. Later the same day we spoke on the telephone. The following week we agreed to meet for coffee and a chat. It was a very delightful meeting and we seemed to click like old friends; as if two gloves that had become adrift were now together again. Gradually and slowly we are getting to know each other and it has brought much calm, joy and pleasure into our worlds. It is my 70th year this year and I was divorced in 2005. Finding a loving, kind and supportive companionable person in my 70th year; is a jubilee.

On the second meeting with Graham a telephone call came from Sarah at friendsfirst making contact with him, to ask him how he was fairing. I was sitting right opposite and he volunteered to say; “I am sitting opposite a very lovely lady from the contacts with friendsfirst and we seem to be getting on just great”.  No one can create this kind of timing in life. Most of us, if not all of us, are far too controlling and planning and it so often is true that when we let go of our own limiting self directed ego that grace and the Divine spirit can create synchronicity for us to meet a potential partner.

Heleena  Written on 1st November 2018