Giving Permission to Others

We have to be really careful who we give permission to speak into our lives. Not everyone has our best interests at heart, and it doesn’t suit everyone to speak positively about or to us because of their own situations and insecurities. Whilst we don’t want to be ignorant of our failings, after all we all have them, we need to be careful who we allow to inform us of them, choosing those that love us, who can be objective, wise and caring, and choosy with their words. Otherwise, we will flounder under the ‘spew’ of those who just want to vent their emotions. We all need people who will build us up and keep us on an even keel because often WE are our own worst critics and ours is the loudest voice we hear.
God made us and loves us just as we are, but He loves too much to leave us that way! He never brings condemnation, but He will bring conviction if we ask Him to. Wise and trusted friends who have walked with us a while, who maybe have walked in shoes similar to ours, those are the sort of people we can give permission to speak into our lives, not those with an axe to grind. God’s word is always true, there is nothing false about Him, and He is always for us and never against us. So, let’s give Him and a carefully chosen few alone, permission to bear witness in our lives.
Love from Marianne and the team x

With Many thanks to Marianne from The Christian Gift company for her inspiring words.